Day #47: Today's to-do list

After contemplating this blog, I thought it would benefit me to publish a to-do list in the morning, and see how far I got at night. These blog posts will generally be short, but I'll also have an item in my list a few days a week discussing something in length on the blog.  I usually have too many things on my to-do lists, so I won't be depressed if I don't get them all done. Things happen.

To-do list:

1) Put a harness on Elmer
(We really would love to have him be outside with us, but he runs away when we put him on the ground.)

2) Vote
(Of course!)

3) Clean out pumpkins to get the seeds

4) Read a part of "The Stretch Book" because I'm tired of my back and neck and shoulders always hurting
(Ow. : (  Sad.)

5) Do some stretching

6) Match up my black socks
(They're in a pile and it's going to be a pain to look for a pair of socks in the morning.)

Okay, so I feel better - I don't want to abandon this blog, and writing everyday is important to me, so I'm glad I'll be able to continue writing about "Things I did today" and not feel bad for occasional short posts.



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