Day #59: Go go Bible quiz

I sat in the opening practice for this year's Bible quiz at my folks' church. They wanted me to play, so I buzzed in, but since I hadn't read any of the material, I couldn't answer correctly, though my answers were close.

I went home and recorded a silly song (I won't upload it here, mostly because it isn't that fantastic) and then took a three hour nap. Niki and I stayed up quite late last night!

Tomorrow is the beginning of "Spirit Week" at the office. I'm excited for Tuesday, "Bundle Up Day". Finally, I won't be cold in the cubicle!!  Joe and I are official photographers, so we get to randomly walk around the office all week.

To do tomorrow:

1) Go to Barnes and Noble with my father.
2) I am determined to NOT buy a book!
3) Finish an exercise, listing 10 people whom I respect and what qualities they possess. I have six on my list so far.

There you have it. The computer and I are going to go sleep in different rooms! This arrangement is working out nicely!



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