Day #5: Declutter Your Mind

I was productive today! Our topic of discussion this evening:

Thanks, Glen Allsopp for this amazing post!

My thoughts:

Glen is absolutely right.

When things or people are upsetting you, there are two ways to get through it - accept it and move on, or change it and move on.

The similarities between the actions: move on. Don't sulk in your problems, don't identify yourself as your problems. Letting them stop you makes your life stop. Sure, you're waking up every morning and going through your daily tasks, but you aren't growing, nor learning, nor really living.

Glen talks about being in the present moment in several posts, including this one. To be in the present moment requires you to forget the past and forget the future. No worries nor problems. Only focus on your senses or tasks or the person with whom you're connecting.

Focus is a big deal. You clear your mind of clutter. It lets your better yourself with your relationships, career and life in general. You are making every moment count.

And that's what you should do every day. That's what having a living is about.



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