Day #8: The Life Plan

Ah, finally, the weekend!

I had a wonderful week at work. Busy, but good.  Yesterday, I told you that I would share my life plan.

I suppose that I should put some sort of disclaimer here about how my life plan will (and should!) change as I get older. I can't realistically plan for the future more than five years or so.

So, here we go!

I'm 24. I work in a cubicle, playing with Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. I invest in the stock market, pay my taxes and have no interest bearing debt. I live in the midwest and drive a modest and free car.

When I die, I want to be known as a composer, playing with many recording gadgets as I could get my hands on. I want to have invested in myself, pay my dues and have no interesting debts. I'd like to live in a warmer climate and drive a modest and free car.

Now then, how do I get from here to there?

One of the easiest things for me to immediately enact is investing in myself.  Just by writing in my blog is finding out my "voice", in which I can use for honing what I want to write and to whom I wish to appeal in my lyrics.

I also have purchased a manual to get me started on my recording knowledge.

And of course, writing music and playing music endlessly would be the key to becoming a successful composer.

So, I have somewhat of a plan, but it's a broad open plan. I get overwhelmed thinking about how much I have to do to get there and how much time I've already squandered.

This is not the right attitude.

It's tough when you have a bad day to just let it pass and forget it. But at this point, I'm paralyzed by fear. I rarely play piano nor do I write, nor do I pick up my recording manual.

And, these are things that I love to do! What is the underlying fear?

Failure. If I do nothing, I know I would fail. If I do something, and I fail, what else can I do?

Again, this is not the right attitude!

The attitude I need to employ is one that nurtures my growth into something that I love. I need to remind myself that small steps toward a goal is better than striving for a giant leap.

Tomorrow, I'll be taking small steps toward my piano, then small steps conquering one or two scales.

In a week, I hope to have four scales committed to memory.

A week is a good timeframe to have a small goal accomplished. I can do that. And I'll enjoy getting there!



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