Day #28: Forget it!

This coming weekend, I will not have access to my computer, nor the internet. That means:

No compulsively checking Mint or ING.
No using Facebook (Don't use it much regularly anyway)
No watching Hulu (What?? I have to wait to Sunday night to watch the Office??? Nooooooo...)
No reading blogs (I read most of my blogs at the cubicle during lunch)

Why will I not have access to my computer and the internet?

I'm heading to Lexington, Kentucky to see my friend Niki!  She's very cool and cute!

I'm sure I'll be taking photos and writing lyrics. I'm a musician and photographer! I forget that. I really shouldn't.  Anyway, here I go, see you later, internet!


P.S. This weekend's blog posts are already written and will be scheduled and released on time. No worries! : )


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