Day #107: A Saturday full of good activities

I burned a few calories on the Wii using the newly purchased Wii Fit Plus.  It was rather entertaining! I ran, skied, hula hooped and laughed at my mistakes.

In Mere Christianity, I read the first 2 chapters. I find C.S. Lewis' book quite good so far! I'm also interested to know why his middle name is Staples...

I'll be on a "cash diet" for my food for the next three months. This month, I want to work on only eating foods that I cook and not eating out. I'll be eating the last of the lentil soup today and tomorrow. On Monday and the rest of the week, I have my lunches already prepared and frozen. I made a large pot of... well, honestly, mush. I wanted to use the split peas before they expire.

I combined:

6 c water (1 c to rehydrate the TVP)
4 c split peas ($2.26)
4 c crushed tomatoes ($1.23)
2 c celery ($0.50)
1 c lentils ($0.60)
1 onion ($1.35)
1 c TVP ($1.00)
3 tsp chili garlic sauce ($0.10)
2 tsp cumin ($0.10)
2 tsp mustard seeds ($0.30)
Total for all: $7.44

I sorted through the dried peas, threw them in a pot with the lentils and added hot water while I chopped the celery and onion.  After the onion was chopped finely, I grabbed a small pan, added canola oil and when it was hot, I threw in the mustard seeds, just to listen them pop.  I put in all the onion and then put my large soup pot on the large back burner, added 5 c water and when it started to boil, I put in the lentils and peas.

I rinsed out the middle pan that previously held the peas and lentils and added TVP, 1 c water, and 2 tsp cumin, set it to high and stirred constantly until the water had been absorbed. I added it to the stew/soup/mush and mixed in all the rest of the ingredients well. I simmered the whole thing for a few hours, got a small bowlful and deemed it edible.

Weird, but edible. I can get 10 or more servings, which makes each serving at most only $0.74. Pretty good!

I am not going to post a picture of it because it just looks like mushy peas with a few diced tomatoes. Nothing exciting.

Tomorrow, I'll be going to church, reading more of Mere Christianity and getting through more medical bills and eobs.



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