So my hope for spacing out the updates would mean more exciting things!

Not so.

In family news, grandma is still in the hospital, getting antibiotics for the bladder infection. Uncle Louie was sleeping when I stopped by and I didn't want to wake him. He mentioned that sleeping is about the only thing he can do to get rid of the pain.

My thoughts on Open Workbench:

It is the absolute WORST program I've ever encountered.

My experience over the last few days:

Even though I added the resources, the program won't let me choose from the ones I added, nor will it assign the ones that it added.

I had to get the resources in, so I added the Notes column and renamed it resources, adding my resources there.

The next day, I opened the program to add a few tasks and denote some others as key tasks.

The resources (formerly notes) were gone. Completely gone. I'm certain that I hit save multiple times. There are about 1000 tasks, so this is no short list to update.

I grumbled, went through adding tasks and denoting key tasks and putting the resources back in. I saved, and saved and saved. I didn't even close the program when I left for the evening.

The next day, I opened the program (restored, really since I didn't close the program from the previous day).

The resources, added tasks and denoted key tasks were all gone.


I didn't even CLOSE the program and stuff got deleted.

At first, I thought the program was just not user-friendly.

Now I deem it unstable. This is ridiculous.

Today, my mother and I are going shopping in Indiana and then I'll be heading to church this evening.

It's time for yoga.


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