Christ, Savior

This evening's Bible study triumphantly and amazingly changed my life. I knew Christ was my Savior. I knew the Bible quite well, but in the last few months, I was REALLY studying and finding consistent support for God and His Son even though I was arguing about the details and translations, etc. I had been studying that a person had to have a heart changing miracle to become a believer in God. Even though I had faith in God, I could not place a time in my life that I had a heart changing miracle. I was praying that I would have that miracle. I'd been reading the memory verses from CedarCreek posted in my cubicle wall multiple times daily.  The heart had to transform from a heart of stubbornness to a heart of flesh, wanting to be obedient to God. 

Tonight hit home, hard. John 8, Matthew 27:50 to the end clinched it, and I broke down. The Spirit had been gifting me with the wisdom of the word of God in the last few weeks and God had taken this time to show me fully that He loves me and I am in His hands forever. Wow.


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