Successful run!

Excellent weather for this race! 72 degrees, cloudy and slightly breezy. Can't ask for more than that! I ran with Tim Jenkins, and he slowed his pace to match mine - I'm a very slow runner and haven't yet managed to run a full 3.1 miles without walking segments. (He usually runs that around 36 - 38 minutes.) They posted his chiptime incorrectly in the results page, which is a bit disappointing. He timed our race with his Garmin, which matched my chiptime, but they entered his chiptime as 5 seconds slower.

2019: 48:44

Also a bit annoying is that they didn't give the time down to the millisecond.

However, I was pleased to run less than 50 minutes. I'll continue to train with the goal of beating my best time of 45:12 in 2017. And now it's back to reading for the evening.


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