Beer of the Month to Review

 My brother gave me a subscription to a Beer of the Month club, which is exciting! One of this month's beers is Flying Fish's Abbey Dubbel. I like Dubbels in the winter much more than porters and stouts, though many of those are good as well. This Dubbel is excellent! Continuing with the rating system I employed during Advent 2020, I would consider this Dubbel a 9 out of 10. That is the highest rating I've given a beer yet, and don't do so lightly. It is so easily drinkable, it's sweet without being cloyingly sweet, medium bodied, and absolutely delicious. Notes of brown sugar and caramel and sweet bread. I would seek this out and wouldn't mind paying more than normal for a special occasion. I drank one of these over the weekend and was more than halfway through before I'd realized it and knew I better make a point to write a review before I drink the other two and forget the tasting notes! Great start to the club!


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