Lactose Test Passed! (I think)

 I ran a longer lactose test just to be sure I wouldn't have any issues with 'stacking', then intentionally stacked. I had a half cup of milk on Wednesday, a full cup on Friday, a cup and a half on Sunday and another cup on Monday. I had some mild pain on and off, but it didn't seem the same as the pain I had in August and September (and October and early November). I even had mild pain on the days where I drank no milk in between the tests. I'll still be careful, however, I mostly wanted to be sure I could tolerate 'cooking' amounts, like what would be in sauces or desserts or cheese. I don't like to drink milk and rarely have yogurt or soft cheese.

I'll put lactose back in my diet sparingly, but won't ignore foods with a little bit of cream or melted cheese. It'll be nice to have more options.

Next test will be mannitol tolerance. Guess I'll go find some mushrooms and sweet potatoes to eat next week or the week after!


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