End of the January challenge

 January: Practice piano for a half hour each day. Could be etudes, scales, fake book songs, real songs, or Alfred's adult learner books. The only stipulation is to practice piano each day for a half hour.

Successful! I played a half hour most days, and for days that I didn't get to the piano (it only happened 4 times through the month) I managed to play for an hour the day following. I started the month playing some from Alfred's Adult Learner books, but by the second week, I was enjoying the fake books I had purchased the year before. While I did switch from the Christmas songs after mid January, the classical songs fake book allowed me to enjoy songs that were out of reach for me before because my bass clef sight reading is atrocious.

However this made me even worse on bass clef sight reading - I went back to the Alfred's Adult Learner book and was surprised how I'd forgotten a lot of the songs I was already proficient on! I guess I'll have to make sure that I'm still progressing on reading bass clef.

This did make me want to continue playing piano, which was the hope! I guess I'll continue on with playing the piano for a half hour each day when it doesn't run into other activities like my next challenge!


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