Today is a fun day, 2/22/22, which also happens to be on a Tuesday!

While my February challenge has been a challenge to get started - so far I've just read half the photography book and complained about the weather outside, I've not been a lump! I'm enjoying these games nearly daily:


Well before the NYT takeover, this has been my favorite 'during coffee' ritual.


Wordle but with maps.


Wordle but with math equations

I reread The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - fun book I've not read in about 25 years. I had never continued to finish the series, so I'll do that now. Prince Caspian is next!

I'm also halfway through the Roll Player Adventure campaign game. That's been quite fun after a reread of the rules when it was just failure after failure. I'm looking forward to the last 6 adventures, but not for them to end, but because the story has been fun!

Work is starting to get more manageable for the time being, but I still have two projects to complete this week and a much larger project due in June. I'm monitoring an event going live soon, as it's our first for the year and there are a lot of different things going on. 

Lastly, the weather is starting to warm up - this week will be mostly highs in the 70s, though next week we're back to the 40s, so I'm taking the time to be outside while I can!


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