In between Christmas and New Year

 Today is December 27th. Had a lovely and relaxing Christmas where I received a fancy chef's knife and co-op board game based on one of my favorite movies, a set of hot pepper blends, fancy chocolates as well as a soft blanket and set of stone coasters as a needed upgrade from my cork coasters.

I'm preparing for January 2023. Looks like 2023 will be the year to get in shape since my hiking group is leaning towards hiking in Alaska this fall. Good timing to start going to work on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the gym straight after to keep myself on the straight and narrow. I'll still want to make sure I can participate in the North Hills 5k in early September, as it'll be my 8th year in a row!

I've been in PT for several months now due to hip and shoulder issues. It's been a surprise to see how weak I am. I've been focusing too much on just running and walking, and after my IVC filter, not enough of either between recovering and additional responsibilities at work. It'll be a higher priority in 2023.

I went to Aldi in November with a friend and got the wine advent calendar, as well as their cheese, chocolate and hot sauce calendars.

The cheese calendar was fine. The wine calendar had wines that were between 'drinkable' to 'not pleasant' and the chocolate calendar was 'mostly not tasty'. The hot sauce calendar, was awful. Disgusting. After just smelling the "Chocolate Chipotle" hot sauce, I was concerned that I would lose my lunch, and decided that I was done with hot sauces. The best of the 10 I had tasted, would be a 3/5. The others were 1/5 except for the Chocolate Chipotle. 0/5. That one just ended it for me. Turned my stomach, and I'm done. None of them had redeeming qualities. Mostly, they tasted and smelled just chemically. Next year, I'm going to do my own research on sourcing wine and chocolate and spend what I did on these, but for some very excellent non-calendar wares. Perhaps some assorted chocolates from Godiva or a local shop like Videri, and some highly rated wines. Instead of each day from December 1 - 24, I'll just have some each weekend and actually enjoy everything.

I'm looking forward to a quiet New Year's celebration of wine and watching the ball drop on NYE!


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