Continuing to run

So I don't slack off in the fall, I've been encouraged (goaded?) to sign up for another 5k. I'll be running for Hope Through Education on the east side of Raleigh, on November 2nd. Since my result for my last 5k was 48:44, my goal here would be a total time of 47:00 and a stretch goal of 45:00. Six more weeks of training means I just might be able to hit it! Also, there won't be as many hills (I hope) as the North Hills 5k. Every Saturday (as long as it's not storming) I'll run either a 2 mile or 3.1 mile loop around the neighborhood. I'll also run either Tuesday or Wednesday each week.

I suppose I'll have to run on a treadmill for days that have poor weather, or after the time changes since the Tuesday and/or Wednesday run will be after dark. Other than that, I will just maintain this level of fitness and increase time on other hobbies or exercises.


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