Meal planning

I started well with gathering food a few months ago, and either keeping it in my pantry, or freezing it. Tonight I'll be making Spicy Pineapple Pork from Nom Nom Paleo. It will create enough leftovers to have dinners the rest of the week. On Friday, I'll cook something else and that will be dinner for a while. I know I have ham and bean soups to cook, and recall having all the ingredients for a chickpea recipe that I'll cook up next week. I'm trying to cook all the food out of my freezer and pantry.

I also need to get more staple meals around. I love the Spicy Pineapple Pork, as well as the Brazilian shrimp stew I used to make once a month or more. I just need to decide on meals that I enjoy cooking, and how many leftovers each one will make. Another good way to make sure I follow the meal plan is to not ask myself what I feel like making or eating that day. Just eat either the next dish in the plan, or some left overs.

I'll keep eggs and wheat tortillas and roast beef on hand most weeks for easy dinners where I don't feel like having a stew type meal. I always seem to have to throw away half of the lettuce I buy for salads, but I don't want to not have vegetables. This page has some tips that I've not done, like drying my washed lettuce with a salad spinner, and putting them in the crisper drawer.

Action items:

Get used to washing and drying my lettuce once I get home from the store with them.
Use the crisper drawer to store the lettuce
Find recipes to cook and note the number of leftover meals made from each recipe


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