Mini run today

I enjoyed a stroll on the greenway - 20 minutes for .75 miles, then ran back. Made it back in 10 minutes. Was pleased about that, especially since the temp was 93 and index was 100 degrees. It really made me drink more water when I got back - which was the other goal! I need to drink a lot more water than I currently do. I'm up to 5.5 cups + 2 cups of coffee this morning. I've had a relaxing day, reading more of Power of Habit, but as the book has gone into organizational habits, I have fewer pieces that relate to my goal of being better. I decided to get some pizza - sounded good, and as it's salty, I'll hopefully... drink more water!

Facebook reminded me that I made a post 5 years ago, excited about finishing Week 2, Day 1 in the Couch to 5k program. The segments were 90 seconds jogging and 120 seconds walking, repeated for a total of 6 iterations. It's great to know that I'm able to run much longer now! I'll do another 3.1 mile run on Tuesday or Wednesday, weather permitting.


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