End of the No news and No social media experiment

News: I do feel like I'm missing out. I've seen a few glimpses of some Ukraine and Trump Impeachment inquiry but don't know what is going on. However, nothing has changed on a daily basis for me. I do miss watching Seth Meyer's A Closer Look and John Oliver's Last Week Tonight, so I'll go back to watching those, and skimming news headlines from Google News, WRAL and WTOL. Other than that, I don't think I need to be reading or watching the news.

Social media: While I did better at the first half of the month than the last half due to creating my annual I'm Not Dead day post on Facebook, I didn't miss it much.

Regardless, this was a good experiment for me to realize that not watching the news wasn't that big of a deal. And social media just isn't important to me, so who cares if I log in or not - and I expect to do very little moving forward..


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