James Hoffmann and Dalgona coffee

I'm a big fan of James Hoffmann and the content he creates on YouTube. I could watch his stuff forever. Calm, but funny, inquisitive but not unfocused, and English, which I really enjoy.

His video about adding salt to coffee popped up on my YouTube recommended section, and I wondered what salt could do for coffee, so I watched it and love it! I've yet to add salt to my coffee, preferring oatmilk instead, but it still was an interesting idea.

I've heard a lot about dalgona coffee over the last few months, and as a person that likes weird food and drinks, I was interested in trying it out sometime. It looked like a way to have a coffee milkshake. James decided to try it out, and to experiment with better ingredients and do a bit of helpful troubleshooting when things go awry.

It was also hilarious to see his reaction at his first attempt, which made me want to watch more of his videos!


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