Advent Beer #10


The Robust Stout is rather... robust! It smelled of chocolate and caramel and tasted of chocolate and... bitter greens at the beginning, but it toned down at the aftertaste and was just a normal sweet stout. The bottle has the description "Chocolate, Crystal and Oat Malts." I'm unsure what a Crystal malt is, so I did a little research. I guess Crystal malts are Caramel malts, but not all Caramel malts are of the Crystal variety.

I tried to get over the bitter greens taste in the front, but I couldn't do it. I felt bad because the rest of the taste was rather nice. I ended up pouring the rest of it down the drain. I'll rate it a 2/10, and I think that if it were someone else tasting it that likes bitter beers and stouts, they would rate it higher. If it was just the stout taste that I get at the end, I would have rated it higher, like a 5/10. 


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