Advent Beer #12


I did wonder if the Belgian-ness of this beer would save it from its India Pale Ale-ness, a flavor/style that I do not like.

It... kind of did?

I'd say it was the best IPA I've tasted, more citrus forward, but still held a fair amount of pine flavor and bitterness that is found in IPAs. I would drink it if I were told to drink an IPA, else suffer harm. I wouldn't drink it in any other situation, though. I probably could have powered through, but I didn't really want to. The beer did not "spark joy", so after five swallows, the rest of the beer was drank by the sink. I'd rate it a 3/10, but if I were to rate it in my IPA scale, it'd be like a 8/10, as most IPAs make me grimace at a sip, and this didn't!


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