Advent Beer #13

 Another IPA-switch-for-possibly-better-beer. Brens, I don't think, is better. I rated it a 2/10, and I still would. 

You may have noticed I'm not always mentioning the coffees. It turns out that I don't care much for flavored coffee, unless it's flavored with a syrup. This is just coffee grounds from a KCup that have a label of "White Chocolate Mocha" or "Hazelnut Coffee Cake" and they taste like coffee with a hint of chemicals and sweetener. The non-flavored coffee is good, but there isn't enough of a difference between them for my amateur palate. "This coffee tastes like coffee" isn't a terribly good description between 24 different cups.

Over the weekend, I tried wheat to see if I had any SIBO reactions. Day 1: Two pieces of wheat bread - no reaction. Day 2: Four pieces of wheat bread - no reaction. Day 3: 2 Multigrain waffles for breakfast and Angel Hair Pasta with Rao Sensitive Marinara for dinner - moderate pain at 10pm that didn't subside until around 3pm the next day, then started back up at 8pm.

So, I can't have pasta? Or is something else afoot? I'll have to repeat the process after I've had 3 pain free days. Hopefully I wake up without pain tomorrow so I can either repeat the test on the 17th, or try another trigger food.


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