Shio Ramen


I decided to make Serious Eats' Shio Ramen. I felt like making a ramen, because it would use a salt stock rather than a poultry or beef stock that would lean on garlic and onion that I was attempting to remove from my diet in the short term.

I didn't quite read through all the recipe before committing to it in my head, and it ballooned into, I think, my most complicated recipe ever. I started with looking at the necessary ingredients, bonito flakes and kombu to make the dashi. I ordered them from Amazon, and the flakes came from Japan. I saw that there was a Shio Tare in the ramen recipe and looked into what that is - basically lemon salt liquid with some kombu.

Ok, two days before I want to make the ramen, I need to make the shio tare, and one day before, I need to make the dashi. The day of, I need to boil water and chicken stock (I ended up finding bouillon that didn't have garlic or onion), add bonito flakes into the dashi and steep, then soft boil eggs, then start adding everything together. The cooktop was busy!

Top left was the bonito flakes ready to go into the dashi, bottom left was noodles that would eventually go into the largest pan on the right, the medium pan was soft boiling eggs and the tupperware on the right held the shio tare to be spooned into the soup bowls first.

With everything done, I poured the steeped and strained dashi into the stock and noodles, added some sliced beef (pork would have been better, but I didn't have it), ladled the soup on top of the shio tare in the bowl and placed a soft boiled egg on top of the noodles. I did forget the scallions, so I'll have to add that when I have leftovers!

It was a very good soup! Tasted like a light miso soup, and I'd say it was restaurant quality. However, I wouldn't make it again as it wasn't my favorite dish to make, requires several days of prep as well as specialized ingredients. I'm glad that I did make it, however, because it ended up very tasty, and something much better than its very fishy-lemony-salty parts that I was concerned about as I made each step. 


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