SIBO and Continuation of Low FODMAP Diet

 I've been on the low FODMAP diet now for a month and a half. I've been feeling much better and pain free for most of the time. While I've only had one day of severe pain all day (a week and a half after I started the diet, I have mild unattributable pain about once or twice a week, and generally for 5 - 15 minutes. What a difference! One of the issues with SIBO and low FODMAP diet - after almost three months of nearly non-stop pain, my body doesn't really register hunger until is it really hungry. Any discomfort is just a general pain feeling instead of hunger pain. And with low FODMAP being low calorie, I'm getting hungry more often.

That also doesn't help the end of my braces situation - I used to eat two larger meals so I didn't need to take out my braces and clean my teeth more than three times a day. With the need to eat more often, I either brush and floss my teeth after each snack or meal or keep the braces off longer than suggested. I've ended up doing both depending on the situation.

After almost four weeks of low FODMAP and two weeks of an anti-biotic in the middle and two weeks pain free, I decided to start the reintroduction phase with wheat, as I felt that I could easily add calories and remove a lot of restriction if I were to reintroduce wheat, onion and garlic as most store bought sauces, marinades and gravies include those. I passed the wheat test with the exception of pasta (but it also included Rao's Sensitive Stomach Marinara, which had some celery - sorbitol, and I sprinkled on some parmesan cheese - lactose). I'll have to test the pasta again soon. The week after the wheat test, I added onion and passed that one as well. I've since added some modest amounts of both in my diet without issue.

This week, I'll test out garlic and then I'll be done with the Fructans and can move onto another trigger section, likely lactose. I have a meeting with a dietician on the 6th, and I'll want to talk more about reintroduction of trigger foods and what mild pain might mean, and why I failed the pasta test.


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