Day #53: Chocolate chocolate chip waffle!

IMG_1054, originally uploaded by shutterfli.

I really liked today. I got a lot of work done, but wasn't stressed out. At home, I ate dinner with the folks, found more books that I've been meaning to read and made a chocolate chocolate chip waffle! It was an amazing dessert. The waffle doesn't look super chocolaty, and it isn't but it has subtle hints of cocoa goodness in the batter. The real chocolate flavor comes with the chocolate chips inside and the chocolate syrup on top.

Anyone feeling like they're somehow going to contract diabetes yet?

I didn't play scales for a full hour, but I did play for a good amount of time. I stopped before the full hour because I started making mistakes that were due to tiredness. I usually get tired around 9 or 10pm, but if I'm awake, I am "functional" again around 1-3am. I wake up whenever I have to, but I'm not fully there until 10am. I'm good until 2pm through 4pm and I get sluggish. Then 4pm to 9 I'm full of energy. Ramble, ramble, ramble. I could have deleted most of this paragraph but I felt like wasting your time.

Next. Didn't list the books because I want to read them first! I actually want to get through the books I've purchased. I shall prevail!

Play whatever I want. I practiced "A Well Respected Man" on the ukulele again. It's a fun little song!

I'll be stretching right after I publish this post.

For tomorrow:

1) Stretch

2) Play scales

3) On this site, list the book I want to read and how long I'll take to read them

That's enough for now. I want to encourage, not overwhelm myself. Adios!



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