Day #58: Yay, Niki is in town!

I rearranged and reorganized my room - it looks much more open and the piano is more the focus of the room. I didn't make waffles, but I did start laundry and I played piano and visited my grandmother.

I've moved my computer (yes it's a laptop) to the spare room so that I'm not tempted to watch ridiculous movies during ridiculous times of the night when I should be sleeping.  I enjoy reading and cleaning today, and used the computer to look up a few things on Verizon and Google maps. Used it for a total of 10 minutes until Niki and I got to Maxwell's Brew.

We started our Toledoan trek in west Toledo, visiting the Verizon store. I was tempted to upgrade my phone and get internet as well. I decided to wait and re-evaluate in a few months.

If I would have changed phones and plans, I would have paid:

$200 for the Env Touch phone (but have a $100 mail-in rebate, they won't let me have internet on my Palm Centro because it's "too old". Grrr.)
$77 dollars/month for the plan with internet (as opposed to $67 without internet now)
$20 for upgrading early
Tax on the phone

I was not happy with the deal, so I decided to walk out. I'll scope out Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals on the phone.  

Niki and I went to Zingo's in downtown Perrysburg, where I enjoyed a greek salad with hummus and pita bread. Niki had the original gyro with her pita bread and hummus. We got dessert to go - she picked up a brownie and I went for a vegan chocolate cupcake.

Headed to Maxwell's to get coffee with our chocolaty desserts and used the free wifi with our laptops. That catches me up to this blog post. I'm considering getting a beer, but I'm almost cold, so a cold beverage doesn't sound all that terrific.

Stuff for tomorrow:

1) Read and write things that I've been wanting to read and write.
2) Play piano




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