Day #75: Doux Vegan!

I'm sure my French is incorrect in the title of this post.

Vegan eatings for today:


Chipotle, corn and black bean stew (leftovers - and just as wonderfully tasty as when it was made originally!)
4 clementines

Stir fry consisting of:
 --White rice
 --bamboo shoots
 --water chestnuts
 --pea pods
 --garlic powder
 --curry powder
 --onion powder

 --hot chocolate, made with soy milk.

So far, my taste buds don't think that this vegan food is like a death march to blandness. It's been quite good! Next recipes will be spinach and chickpea curry, and chocolate chip cookies. I found one brand of butter that is vegan at Meijer! (No vegan butter at Kroger.) Yay for Willow Run!

I'm considering dropping this daily blog back to a weekly blog and starting a music composition blog and a cooking blog. I'm going to see how much cooking and writing and all I do during the Christmas break before I make my decision.

Tomorrow, I'm looking forward to finishing Julie and Julia (only 100 pages to go!) and having Bible study with Tiffany and Niki.

Right now, I'm exhausted.



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