Day #77: Lucky number 13!

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Vegan eatings:
3 clementines

Chipotle Stew (Still as amazingly awesome as the first time!)

Delicious veganness for dinner!! (see photo at top)
Greek salad
Artichoke and tomato and mushroom soup
Hot chocolate with soy milk. the clerk forgot to not put whipped cream on it....that's fine, I got a spoon and disposed of the cream into my soup lid.

I looked around the Toledo vicinity today to see where I could purchase vegan cheese.

I thought I found it in Meijer: Veggie slices! Next to the tofu! But it has a milk protein in the ingredients. I sadly put it back and went to Anderson's.

No luck there. I was surprised, I thought Anderson's had EVERYTHING!

I called Wal-Mart, Kroger, Giant Eagle, Schorlings, Bassett's Health Store, Churchills, Super Churchills, Reddy Food-N-Spices, Target, Aldi's, then I finally found Claudia's!

They even had more than one brand of vegan cheese! I was so excited!

I just finished baking my vegan pizza and I'll pack it up for lunch tomorrow!



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