Day #111: So close

I woke up at 6:30, stretched, rolled over, reset the alarm for 7 and looked at the ceiling. I knew I wanted to get up. I just had to get up, put on work out clothes that I laid out and walk downstairs.

That's all. Just put on warm clothes, walk downstairs. The barrier would be broken.

I rolled over. It's entirely too dark. I rationalized with my mind - It'll be dark at 7, too! Should get up.

I blew my nose. Rolled over again. Struggled to either fall asleep or get up.

Did neither. laid there until 7 when the alarm went off.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll actually get up!

Work was wonderful. I got a compliment!

After work, I worked out on the Wii for an hour and 45 minutes. Boy am I sore! I'm looking forward to going to bed.

Here is my UTMC professional stroke video and summmary:

Laura's UTMC stroke video

Enjoy! I thought it was great.



  1. Well, maybe you didn't make it out of bed, but the video is terrific! I already sent Carla a link so she can send it around at Flagstaff Medical Center.


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