I did the Core class at Planet Fitness, and found that I must have a stronger core than I imagined. While the exercises eventually tired me out (that last plank was a little shaky) I didn't feel overwhelmed or unable to do anything after. My muscles also didn't hurt the day or two after exercising, so that seems to mean I can increase either time to do an exercise or the weight or difficulty. It reminds me of when I read through Ramit Sethi's 20x Your Potential with Mark Divine, part of his Brain Trust program, discussing Hell Week that Navy SEALs go through. Ramit challenges his viewers to do either a 21 minute plank or 1,000 pushups. I attempted this back in summer 2015. I managed to do 10 minutes of a plank while on my knees instead of toes. I just tried it out, and while I only managed to plank on my toes for 3 minutes, I finished the rest of the 21 minutes on my knees and my core doesn't hurt much. The goal now is to improve my core muscles (and shoulders, and back) so I can do a full plank for 21 minutes. However, the habit is to be in good shape.

I remember feeling bad that I only did 10 minutes 4 years ago, and in retrospect, I shouldn't feel that way. I didn't do any strength training and only some cardio, so it makes sense that I might not be able to do the full 21 minutes. And even now, I've done only a little amount of strength training, so I'm eager to see improvements as I progress in building a good exercise habit. While the goal isn't that important, it is a fun way to mark progress and spur the desire to exercise several times a week.


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