Renting, and throwing my money away

I agree with Jeremy at GCC when he talks about renting:

Renting allows for your lifestyle to change easier than when you purchase a home. I don't know where I want to be forever...... or even in the next few years. There are endless "Rent or Buy" calculators. One being the well regarded New York Times interactive Is It Better to Rent or Buy tool. For me, the answer is only if I can buy a house less than 250k, and none of the houses within 3 miles of work fit the bill. So, I'll continue to rent until my rent price goes over what I want to pay, and there is a house in the area that I would like to buy.

Everyone's situation is different. I don't have a significant other to worry about, nor do I need to make sure I have enough space for a child to flourish. It'll just be me for a while, and perhaps later I'll want to make a different decision if I happen to have someone to partner with. In the meantime, though, I'll keep renting and enjoying my ownership free life!

After all, it is nice to get home and not have to mow the lawn or pay someone to mow the lawn.


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