Geoguessr Results Blog

I enjoy playing Geoguessr's Daily Challenge and don't want to forget what I've done, nor how well I fared. I've created a blog just to post my challenge results with my friend Tim Jenkins and the maps I do on my own. You can view the blog here:

He and I usually score within the top 10 percent of all challengers, though there are people who must be cheating/using different rules, as I'd think it impossible to pinpoint a spot in rural Russia within a few yards.

The rules Tim and I use: you can use your own knowledge (like I've learned a lot about US state routes since starting this) but you can't look up anything on Google while you play. It makes it much more difficult and irritating, especially when you've heard of a particular town you're near, but you don't remember where exactly it's located on the map. It won't be a daily blog, but likely a near daily blog, as the game is something I really like to play.

It's fun to know things about places you've never visited. Like Ridderkerke, Netherlands. I had several challenges there, and feel like I could navigate my way around easily in case I was actually dropped there.


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