Halloween Party and my costume

This weekend, I attended an awesome Halloween party, and even dressed up as Hermoine Granger.

I admit, it was a bit fun to dress up as Hermoine Granger. I took a lot of thought for my costume. I started searching for costumes on August 26th, and found a costume site on September 13th: https://www.moviescostume.com/harry-potter-gryffindor-uniform-hermione-granger-cosplay-costume-adults-ver.html

However, I didn't want to just drop over $100 on a costume I'll likely only wear once. What else can I do? Can I just build the costume from regular clothes? After all, Hermoine mostly wore a school uniform for the first few movies. Certainly I could do that. I set off to build my uniform.

I got the skirt from Lands End. The socks, blazer, patchtie and wand from Amazon. The shirt came from J Jill, but I bought that about ten years ago or so, and the shoes I purchased last year from Belk.

I referenced this guide to learn how to tie a Full Windsor Knot, a tie style with a larger knot, so I wouldn't have a really long tie.

And for the whole set to come together, I enlisted my friend Julie to stitch the patch onto the jacket as I worried that the velcro would curl and fall off.

When I remove the stitching for the patch, I can use the outfit, or pieces of the outfit, for work. I might have spent a little more for the costume, but I'm able to wear it more than once! I really enjoyed getting everything together and surprising friends who knew I rarely dress up for Halloween.


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