Back home, as in home!

After a week in sunny, warm Orlando (eventually it warmed up by the last half of the week) I've arrived at my parents' house in the not-so-warm and not-as-sunny Midwest. I'm glad I carried on my winter jacket, as it was warm as I stepped outside the baggage claim doors - temp was 39 and index was a breezy 30 degrees. I'm looking forward to a relaxing week after doing so much between the conference and two theme parks. I usually set up a schedule of people I have to see, but after last June when one of my brothers came to town (which rarely happens) I blocked out time just to spend with my parents and him instead of making the rounds. I ended up a lot more relaxed and happier that trip! I decided to change the schedule to see friends once a year instead of twice so that I can actually get a vacation in, instead of running from place to place.


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