I've had a great time visiting with others this week, and soon I'll wrap up and head home. It's been a fun and relaxing time, and I think I only checked my work email 5 times since I've been in Ohio, which is quite low for me. I'm looking forward to a few things soon - tomorrow is "Spreadsheet Day" - the last working day of the month, so I get to update my personal finance spreadsheet, and prepare for my December challenge, and Advent. I suppose I better start Christmas shopping as well!

My December challenge is going to the gym at least 5 times a week. I'm hoping for every day that the gym is open, but I understand that sometimes things get in the way. I have dinner with one of my friends set for a day the office will be working a half day, so I'll have time to go to the gym, clean up, then head to dinner.

I recently learned that in the 1939, 1940 and 1941 there were two Thanksgiving celebrated in the US. Originally, Thanksgiving was celebrated on different days, by presidential proclamation. In 1863, with Lincoln's Thanksgiving address, the last Thursday in November became the standard day to celebrate the holiday.

Until a five-week November showed up in 1933. Retailers asked FDR to move the holiday up a week. He didn't. But another five week November showed up in 1939 and this time FDR granted their request and part of the country celebrated a week earlier, and the rest of the country stuck with the last Thursday of November. In December of 1941, Congress passed a law setting the fourth Thursday as the day to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Can we get more interest in changing Daylight Saving Time year round for the entire country? That's what I'd like. Guess I'll start writing my congress people. If Thanksgiving can be changed, so can DST.


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