Back to the gym!

Even though the temperature was two degrees warmer today than yesterday, I didn't want to end the challenge just going for slightly strenuous walks. Went to the gym and did my arm and chest routine, and followed it up with some stretching. This morning, I tried a new recipe that my brother told me about over a year ago. It was delicious, but subtle. I ended up adding more spices to it, and really enjoyed the meal.

I went downtown to Haymaker for their Pop Up Holiday and had a few drinks there.

It was decorated and even had themed cocktails. I had the Gingerbread Flip - the first time I'd drank egg. Not sure it's something I'd really want to repeat. It was really tempting to get the SanTaRex mug (on the right), but at $18 before tax, I decided it wasn't THAT special.

After the Gingerbread Flip, I decided to stick to a more normal drink and opted for a Manhattan. On my way home, I enjoyed driving near a few houses that always put up great Christmas lights, and found a house that has their lights in time to music that was on the radio. It was done VERY well!

Nice way to end the evening!


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