Vacation days definitely decrease desire for the gym

I might have left the bar a little later than I excepted last night, and slept in more than usual today. I certainly have no desire to go to the gym. I still made it, but it wasn't nearly as easy as when I go straight from work. Coffee was delayed a bit, then I didn't eat lunch until 1pm. But, I got myself up and going, and went to the gym for a very successful legs and core routine. I even added another set of 10 situps to bring my total for the exercise at 40 situps. I was really pleased to find the first set easy and the second set only slightly hard at the end. I did have to put effort in the last half of both the third and fourth sets.

After the gym, I made one of my favorite Instant Pot recipes, and doubled the spices and amount of jalapeno peppers. Hopefully it isn't overpowering! Afterward, I'll read some more of Mistakes Were Made, a book I got for Christmas (thanks, Todd!)

Tomorrow will be arms day, then on the 30th I'll just do cardio and stretches, so on the 31st I will work all the muscle groups and can compare my workout sheet between December 1st and December 31st. Hopefully there is positive progress!


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