Indistractable chapter 7

Chapter 7 is about Reimagining the Task. Instead of considering the trigger of a habit, we instead think about the task itself. Eyal read one of Ian Bogost's books, in which he discusses using fun and play to get through tasks in a more pleasant way. By finding something fun about a task, you change your perception of the task. It's no longer drudgery. You can now focus on the task at hand. Bogost uses mowing his lawn as an example. He doesn't like mowing his lawn, but instead of covering up the drudgery of mowing the lawn with a reward, like a beer after its completion, he finds how to turn the task of mowing into 'what is the most efficient way to mow the lawn?' 'What is the best weed killer to use?' and making his task now a playground.

I suppose I do that with weightlifting. I always carry my workout log to the gym to record what I'll be lifting and a few notes about how I did. It can get boring to exercise with the same machines day in and day out, but I've made a game out of it. I love having data to refer to, and I love doing better than I did before. I have something like 50 or 60 workout sheets with what exercise, number of reps, number of weights, number of sets. Soon, I will make a graph of it. I've decided to start looking into the Strong Curves workout plan after looking at the results over at r/strongcurves for a few months. Knowing how well I've been doing, I wonder if a slight change in workout with an actual program would do any better. It will at least scratch the novel and research itch that I like to scratch.

Chapter 7 Summary:

  • We can master internal triggers by reimagining an otherwise dreary task. Fun and play can be used as tools to keep us focus.
  • Play doesn't have to be pleasurable. It just has to hold our attention.
  • Deliberateness and novelty can be added to any task to make it fun.

Invisalign day 3 has been not too bad, but I've only had coffee, Ramen with 4 eggs, and a lot of water. I'll be having Swedish meatballs with noodles, a rum cake that I was given as a gift late last year, and some ice cream. That ought to get me to 700 or so calories since I managed to eat 700 calories at lunch.


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