Indistractable Chapter 12

Chapter 12, Sync with Stakeholders at Work

This chapter focuses on how to schedule tasks and create expectations of communication, boundaries and repeated deliverables. I found this chapter not terribly helpful, as I often get interrupted by others, not just through email, but by IM and in person and sometimes shouting across cubicles for tasks that they're thinking of. I would almost need to be a "mean" person to get them to change their behavior, and because of my department, I am in a position of helping others with actual immediate tasks as well as tasks that are just on top of their list. It is difficult to discern which is which until they show up to interrupt, which defeats the purpose anyway.

Between being a people pleaser that always want to have the right answer at the right time for all things, I like solving immediate problems when my workload is light. It's only when my workload is heavy that when the problems that could have waited become irritating. Perhaps the answer is some balance of learning how to enforce boundaries as well as meditation to not be as irritated at the interruptions!

Chapter Summary:
  • Syncing your schedule with stakeholders at work is critical for making traction at work in your day. Without visibility into how you spend your time, colleagues and managers are more likely to distract you superfluous tasks.
  • Sync as frequently as your schedule changes. If your schedule template changes from day-to-day, have a daily check-in. However, most people find a weekly alignment is sufficient.


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