Dynamic SQL

I read through the chapter on Dynamic SQL that touched briefly about SQL injections, and then I went through the exercises and lesson review questions. Looks like I need to read the QUOTED_IDENTIFIER section - I only got one of two answers correct.

It seems I do better and remember more if I type out all the exercises, which reminds me of the reason why I did better on my Business Law final exam over the midterm - I wrote down key terms, which is kind of what I'm doing here by typing out all the exercises and examples.

The dry material is a little tough to get through even though the subject itself is interesting. I just need to do more examples in order to cement more information. I'm also a little tired of reading SQL every night, and I might need a day's rest from it. Every night after working with SQL, I've been reading and doing exercises in SQL between 1 and 3 hours, and I'm thinking Saturday I'll read something else that doesn't start with

SELECT productid, productname, supplierid, categoryid, unitprice
FROM Production.Products;

I feel like I've learned quite a lot, but I still need to get more comfortable with it rather than just reading through the material and do exercises. Regardless, that's what the practice test on Monday will let me know - if I'm way over my head, or if I would be able to pass the exam. It'll tell me as well where I need to focus.


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