T-SQL Error Handing Part 3 and Managing Transactions and Concurrency and Chocolate Truffles

The last exercise in the lesson about error handling, as well as the lesson questions at the end were rather easy, luckily. I finished those up, then decided that I should try making chocolate truffles.

Yep. Two ingredients - a can of sweetened condensed milk and a cup of cocoa powder.

I used a pan and metal bowl in lieu of a double boiler. I put in about two cups of water and turned on the burner, and gathered the rest of the ingredients and utensils while waiting for the water to boil. I poured the sweetened condensed milk in the bowl and started whisking away. Pretty soon, it was getting thin, so I slowly added the cocoa powder through a fine mesh strainer and incorporated it in the milk. It was looking great! Just the last 1/3 cup of cocoa powder to go.

Then you know what happens whenever you deal with chocolate and a heating source.

It seizes up. Sludge. I've got about a 1/6 of a cup of cocoa not incorporated and a bowl of chocolate sludge. That's what I get for working too slowly! I abandoned the boiling pot of water, stopped stirring, and started pulling the chocolate out of the bowl into the glass dish, covered in saran wrap. As it cooled, it was easier to level out in the pan. I covered it with more saran wrap and put it in the fridge.

Then I cleaned up my cocoa powder and chocolate sludge bits all around the kitchen. (Ok, it wasn't that bad, but I did accidentally shake the mesh sieve a little bit too close to the front of the stove and ended up dusting my kitchen towel with cocoa powder.) I figured by the time I cleaned up and poured myself a glass of wine (or two), the truffles would be ready for their next step - cutting into bite sized pieces.

I think they turned out pretty well!

I tried a piece that had fallen off the chunk of truffle, and decided it might need a little extra sweetness. I had picked up Hershey's Special Dark cocoa, and it's a little bit too dark. I added a dusting of powdered sugar to even it out.

I put them back in the fridge. Hopefully I don't eat too many too soon.

Ok, back to SQL. I'm reading through the lesson about managing transactions and concurrency. I learned about ACID properties of transactions (atomic, consistent, isolated, durable) in college, so this was a nice refresher. It's fun reading about how transactions work in the engine after using both implicit and explicit for so long. After I finish reading the lesson, I'll work on the exercises.


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