Game Reviews and German Bakery

Today, I had the hankering for a danish and some pumpernickel bread. I found a German bakery, and since I haven't left farther than a 10 mile radius of my place, I decided to head to south Durham to grab something there. It had been a long time since I'd been on I-40 and I-440, and boy was it busy at 11am on a Saturday. I grabbed my order of a cheese danish, pumpernickel bread and some local pickles, and drove back to Raleigh to enjoy them.

The danish was excellent! I've had plenty of danishes before with a drizzle of frosting and some smooshed layers over a thin to medium thin layer of filling. I would often eat the part of the danish without the filling first, because it was just squished and dense bread. This, though, this was lovely! Instead of lines of icing, it was almost like a lightly laquered sweet bread with airy, flaky layers. The cheese filling was thick and delicious! I would post a picture, but it disappeared too fast. I'll certainly head back there sometime to get more of their baked goods.

I also wrote three game reviews for one of my friend's game review website. It's been fun going through pre-Covid games that I played and giving my reactions for each one of them.

Before dinner, I ate some of the pumpernickel bread and was it a wonderful surprise! I was nervous when I picked it up. It was one of the heaviest, densest loaves I'd encountered. The crust was rather hard, and I was concerned that it would be thick and difficult to eat, and possibly stale. It was none of those things. Of course, it was thick, but it was easy to eat and exceptionally tasty and soft inside, with a chewy crust. Absolutely fantastic!

From the bakery:

It's back! and so much better...100% rye bread made with 65% house-milled rye meal, 35% rye flour, sprouted whole rye berry, with sunflower, pumpkin, flax, chia, & hemp seeds. Moist texture with a complex flavor profile. High in fiber, promotes healthy digestion and prevents insulin spikes. This bread pairs well with savory or sweet, and is a healthy and nutritious choice for everyday. Vegan, wheat-free.

How delicious! I think I'll head back to that bakery after the pandemic is over and see what else they offer!


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