Practice Test #6 and and application failure

I felt good about my chances for this one. I knew I at least passed, but it'll be interesting to see if I got 100%. Let me just review the one question I was waffling back and forth on, between RANK and DENSE RANK - I never remember which one is 122255 and 122233. I think the second one is the dense version.

Ok, that's what I picked. Now I'll head back to the Question List and Score the Test!

Uh oh. The application is throwing an error every second or so, and I can't select them fast enough to get back to the Score Test button. I considered trying to diagnose, but was concerned that I'd run out of memory while it continued to create more error messages. Maybe if I close the application, and reenter.

Ooh, no, it isn't even letting me close the application. Heck I can't even see what it's called in the Task Manager to kill it! I guess I'll have to restart my computer.

Ok, back to the application. What did it save for my last attempt?

Oh, thanks a lot Microsoft! I guess I'll retry tomorrow.


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