Practice Test #4

Another pass!

I still missed a few, though.

The exhibit had Modified Date in the Before picture as normal datetime, and the After was a date... but not in the format that the Date type would expect, and by using CAST instead of CONVERT, it doesn't allow for an optional style.

I forgot what PARSE does, so I picked CONVERT. PARSE is for converting datetime or datetime2 datatypes between cultural formats.

Oh, I was irritated at this one! I hadn't learned when the results set gets sent from the cursor, and I peeked in the book, which unhelpfully said "To deallocate a cursor, use DEALLOCATE. When closing a cursor, use CLOSE." Thanks, book. That really clears it up. I went back and forth between the two, and clearly picked the wrong one. Oh well!

Maybe tomorrow I'll do even better.


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