Life of the blog

I'm keeping up with the daily blog (though there are times that I fall asleep during editing and forget to publish) and am considering keeping this up for a year. I still am unsure where to take it, but it's a good exercise to continue and to work on "my voice" but I'm not sure what exactly writing about whatever you'd like actually helps with creating a unique perspective.

It'd be easy to use it as a hobby habit tracker. While it would track the multiple hobbies I have, I'm unsure if I'd be helping my writing or creating an audience. I certainly could start tagging entries and (hopefully) have links to the articles grouped by hobby, if Blogger allows for that functionality.

My main hobbies are Photography, Travel, Piano Playing, Music Composition, running 5ks/exercise and Reading. I also enjoy personal finance and cooking, but I don't feel like there is a lot I can say on those things that I've not done already, or have not a lot to say. I'll start using the blog as a habit tracker and see where it takes me. The habits I want to work on tomorrow are piano and exercise.


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