The problem with habit trackers

The only problem with habit trackers is that it's still easy to ignore them, unless you also set up a financial burden right when you first start the app and set up your first habit/goal.

I'm running Habitica and ToDoist and I've had Beeminder before. I was successful with Beeminder about three years ago when I was losing weight and starting out run walking 5ks and needed more help with seeing where I could go reasonably and not burning out. It was also helpful to see how far I had gone over a few months.

I chose Habitica because it gamifies habits however I felt it was unintuitive to set up and lost interest. I still have it on my phone in hopes that after I stop with my rather frequent travel this month, I'll be able to set a routine and try again. ToDoist was my second choice, as it's must easier to set up. It's also easy to ignore. I've not yet backed up my computer since I set up that task in ToDoist. Great track record so far!

There are always new excuses. but I know as the weather gets cold, I'll want to do less social stuff and want to stay in and work on projects and eat a lot of soup. It'll be easier to settle into a routine.


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