Tentative timing of challenges

I'm considering when I want to do the challenges that I've listed. I want to be mindful of what's coming up and when I think the challenges would be easiest.

For example, I'm new at the gym, so it's all fresh novel stuff. Going there is still fun, and it isn't really cold and dark out yet. I'll use that to spring board into the workout challenge in December. Hopefully by going at least 5 times a week while the novelty hasn't worn off yet means when I get into January and February, I'll want to go to the gym at least 3 or 4 times a week after the challenge is done.

Continuing on the healthy track, in January I'll do the No Added Sugar challenge. It'll be easier as the holidays will have passed and since it'll be cold, I'll not want to eat ice cream... as much. It will make it easier to get a better diet once I've gotten rid of the sugar and already have the habit of going to the gym.

I'm really giving thought about the challenge of waking up at 6am on February. I like that it's the shortest month, and because it'll be dark in the evening, it'll be easier to fall asleep, but it'll be dark when I get up. If I want to make it easier to get up when it's light, I'd pick May. But that's a longer month, and to be honest, I don't want to wake up on my birthday just for a challenge. I wonder if I could get some sort of light-on-a-timer to help me wake up in February while it's dark. I have two months to think of a solution. Ok. February's challenge is getting up at 6am and going to sleep at 10pm every day.

In March, I'll do the 'read a book a week' challenge. Since it'll still be a bit dark and only kind of warming up temperature-wise, I think spending my evenings reading a book sounds lovely.

April sounds like a good month to pick the 'Setting priorities and selecting a productivity system' since it'll start warming up and I will be more interested in spring cleaning and getting things ready for summer.

And I might as well pick May for the playing piano daily challenge. Since I won't be travelling until June, I'll have access to my piano throughout May.

I don't expect to have a challenge for June or November - two months I travel, but as time goes on, I might find challenges that wouldn't require me to be home, or to have a set schedule. I'll also might be tired of challenges by then! We shall see.


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