Open Enrollment

It's open enrollment time at work. The company is very generous and pays our premiums if it's only the employee on the plan. It saves me up to $700 a month! This year I'll be contributing to my pre-tax accounts: FSA, HSA and 403(b). I haven't done the FSA before because I didn't have a reason to and that the FSA accounts can only carry $500 over after the calendar year ends. In 2020 and 2021, I'll be doing Invisalign to straighten up my teeth so my dentist can fix some fillings afterward. I already had the consultation with the orthodontist and know how much it will cost, and therefore know how much to put into my FSA. My HSA account is almost up to the point where I can start investing the excess again. The company also contributes to our HSA accounts every January, so it will be nice to invest that chunk as well. It's just a shame that my raise will get swallowed up into my FSA, but I'd be spending it after taxes for the Invisalign if I didn't!


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