Taylor Swift Tiny Desk Concert

This evening, I watched the Taylor Swift Tiny Desk Concert put on by NPR. I like the Tiny Desk Concerts since you're able to get a closer look at the artist, and they often bring a different look to their songs, which was the case for this concert with Taylor Swift. While I'm not a huge fan of hers, I don't turn to a different video or channel when one of her songs come on. I like quite a few of them and think she's a great songwriter for being so young. What grabbed me about this concert was her ability to connect with the audience, and even the viewer, her real goal when it came to expressing what she wanted to convey emotionally with every song. She is an excellent performer and the concert made me want to look into going to one of her actual concerts. Maybe I'm missing out on something here! I enjoyed reading her Wikipedia page. While she had a leg up with having parents who had a fair amount of money, and her mother deciding to be a stay at home parent who could take her to lessons and musical theater practice. While this absolutely helped, Taylor backed her dream up with actually pursuing multiple youth theater gigs and practicing and honing her skills. Not like she was given the money/connections because she wanted to do something without working for it. It's clear she's worked on songwriting - what she settled on- throughout her life. It's neat to see someone who had the talent and the connections to create and practice and do something great.


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