A Lazy and Exciting Day

I read another chapter of Pete Buttigieg's book. It's still a fun read as he's entering Harvard and immersing himself in politic groups there.

I also decided to read through one of the scenarios in a Choose Your Own Adventure book one of my friends lent me. I got stuck in a loop, traversing a set of connected mountain caves, and attempted to fight an orc that I had tricked before. It didn't go well. I died. I'm looking forward to trying again!

But the most exciting thing I did, and which took quite some time, was killing the dragon in Minecraft! After traversing fields and mountains and lakes and rivers and killing Enderman to gain pearls and building netherportals to defeat monsters in the nether and find the castle to deposit the ender pearls that then turns into another Portal to the end game stage, you defeat the dragon.

It took a while. He's rather tough, and in the end stage, it's best to build pillars to stand on to get a closer shot... But other enemies will steal the bottom part of your pillar, knocking you to the ground, or the dragon will grab you and drop you to your death.

Minecraft is also about building things, if you want to do that, too. But it's fun to get another game from my "I played it" list to the "I got to the end credits" list.


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